Business Philosophy

Precious metals are limited resources which humans cannot create. They possess a number of unique chemical and physical properties unseen in traditional base metals. ISHIFUKU satisfies the needs of customers by utilizing those unique properties within its technology and products, thereby contributing to a better society. We will pay full respect to the legal compliance and act in good faith with our customers, employees, society, and environment.


We are registered as an authorized melter and assayer with both London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum & Palladium Market (LPPM). Bullion with our marks is widely recognized and distributed across the globe as "Good Delivery Bars".
We are also an official member of the Japan Gold Metal Association and our marks are registered as one of the accredited brands for the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.


Our quality is controlled by the Integrated Quality Management System, which oversees the production process from raw material to finished product. We have also obtained ISO 9001 certification and ISO13485 certification from the specific medical device sector. We countinually focus on improving our quality control system in order to deliver high quality products to our customers.


Our plant has obtained ISO14001, Environmental Management System. We are actively working on reducing environmental burdens through energy saving, waste reduction, and recycling. We recognize our responsibility to conserve and preserve the environment.

Raw Material Procurement

ISHIFUKU Metal Industry Co., Ltd. ensures compliance and aims to be an honest company, acting with integrity towards our customers, employees, society and environment.
Based on our business philosophy, we have established policies and procedures to mitigate and prevent any risk of contributing to terrorist financing, human rights abuses, and money laundering within our supply chain.

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